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Drs. Robert Daley and Justin LaReau of Hinsdale Orthopaedics, Leading Construction Planning for Amita Health Centers for Joint Replacement

Drs. Robert Daley and Justin LaReau of Hinsdale Orthopaedics are two of the physicians leading the construction planning of two new Amita Health Centers for Joint Replacement. After more than two years of physician-led planning, construction is underway. These Centers will provide new orthopedic operating rooms specifically designed for joint replacement patients, as well as … continue reading

Why perform the direct anterior approach for total hip replacement? What are the benefits?

Traditionally, joint replacement has been an inpatient surgical procedure. Results show the direct anterior approach using a fracture table performed by experienced surgeons is an effective technique which provides early postoperative function, smaller incision, no detaching of muscles or tendons, improved component positioning, equal leg lengths, reduces the risk of dislocation and decreased patient hospital … continue reading

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